Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and the VMAs – Still News Days Later


People are still asking me what I thought about Miley Cyrus’ performance at the VMAs.

So, here you go…




2 responses to “Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, and the VMAs – Still News Days Later”

  1. Roxanne says:

    I left this one in my inbox for a long time. I didn’t want to read something else about Miley and Robin and the VMAs. But then, I got over it and just clicked Play.


    It is OUR job, as parents, to be role models for our children. Not some twenty-something pop star.

  2. Sandy Frederick says:

    Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for the video. I too do not have T.V., so I learned of the M.C. “scandal” on line. I agree that skill and artistry were lacking. She might as well have been a stripper in some seedy dive. And so, not news worthy. I also am appalled at the so called “news coverage” available in the U.S.. It seems that every time there is important news that every citizen should be aware of,, it is ignored, and some shallow tawdry gossip is pushed in our faces to camouflage it’s absence. No wonder so many people are ignorant and apathetic about what is really important. I am happy to hear that some of our citizens are at last being acknowledged and given another right that the rest of us already had. I wonder, have you heard about the forced blood drawing, for blood alcohol levels, in Georgia! The suspected citizen is strapped down and held in a head lock while a nurse inserts the needle and takes their blood. The officer interviewed said that our right to refuse the breathalyser test hindered their ability to collect evidence. ALL of our rights do that! That should not mean that we lose them in order to make the job of enforcement easier. I don’t drink, smoke or take recreational drugs, but this is scary. Our rights are disappearing and I fear for the future of our country.

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