The OneDay App Will Save Me With My Mother-In-Law


My mother-in-law is mad at me.

I can tell.

I’m sure it is because I am slacking on sending her pictures, videos, measurements, whatever… of her beautiful grandchildren.  You see, both sets of grandparents are scattered across the country, and we have no immediate family in the same state as us.  It is a struggle to stay up to date, connected, and in tune with each other.

The grandparents want to be a part of our boys’ daily lives.  I’m a storyteller, I’m sure I could put together a lovely video montage for my mother-in-law of the boys doing cute daily activities… and put some music under it so it pulls at the heart strings and looks professional. I’m sure it would make a great keepsake for her… and I would do it…

if I had more than five spare minutes a day.

With a traveling husband, one active boy home for the summer, another active toddler home for the next two years, a work from home job, and zero hired help… well, the memorable keepsakes have been reserved for holidays lately.  The grandparents may think it’s because I’ve forgotten about them, but really it’s because I’m lucky to get in a shower every other day.

Enter the OneDay mobile app.

The OneDay app creates little movies based off of curated “stories”.  These “stories” are basically a series of ten questions that a parent can ask their child and then record their response.  The app provides the ideas or prompts for each little movie, so you don’t find yourself saying “do something funny” or the boring “say hi to grandma”.  Then it puts all the clips together, adds a little music, and creates a quality looking little movie to share with whomever you wish. Some of the topics to chose from are, “about me”, “when I grow up”, “about dad”, and many more.

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Some of the questions are basic and can easily be answered by young children, while some of them are really thought provoking and insightful.  You get to scroll through and pick and choose only the ones you want to ask.

Basically this app requires little time, zero editing effort, and zero skill.  You can share the finished product on social media, or send a link to the people you want to see it.  You can also save it to your phone and then upload it to YouTube.

Here’s their sample video.



I’m thinking I’ll make a silly story with the two and six year old, then send it to the grandparents.  Then I’ll make an “about grandma” and send it to my mother-in-law to open one day when she’s feeling blue. All of a sudden I’m going to go from Daughter-in-law who has forgotten about her, to sentimental sweetheart who is as thoughtful as she is brilliant. I can’t wait.

I’m also thinking of using the “When You Grow Up” prompts and saving the movie as a time capsule to give to my boys one day when they are… well, “grown up”.  It would be interesting for them to see how they answered things like “Will you eat vegetables when you grow up” and “What are you looking forward to when you grow up”.

Right now the app has kid-friendly pre-made questions.  The powers that be are hard at work making grown up “stories” and the ability to create your own personal questions.  You guys know I’m probably going to have a little too much fun with that, right?

This app is brand spanking new (launched July 23rd) and is currently free.  Get to downloading it now while the gettin’ is still good.

I tried it out with my two year old and here’s what happened.  I think it will buy me at least another few weeks of no video requests from my mother-in-law (love you, mom)!

I think the possibilities for this app will continue to grow as they roll out more and more new features, like music choices, custom questions and “stories”, as well as questions geared towards adults.  I’m excited to see them grow, so let’s help them along by giving them social media love on facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by OneDay. The companies I choose to work with can purchase space within my content, but my opinion is always mine… and it’s priceless.

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