Samsung Activewash with Integrated Touch Controls – For the Gremlin of Household Chores

*Samsung sent me a washer and dryer so I could share my experience with you. Opinions are my own.


Remember when I teased you guys on Instagram about our two newest additions to the household?



Well now that we’ve gotten them settled in (and played with them a ridiculous amount), I can finally tell you more about them.

First, I loathe household chores. Dishes make cooking almost not worth it, vacuuming is loud and time consuming, and the laundry NEVER ENDS. My least favorite chore is laundry. With two active boys, the dirty clothes just seem to continuously multiply. LAUNDRY IS THE GREMLIN OF HOUSEHOLD CHORES.

When Samsung asked if I would like to try their new top loader with activewash™ and Integrated Touch Controls to share my experience with my readers, I said “yaaas”. Anything that could possibly make my multiplying laundry easier to manage is very welcome in my house.

Here’s the lowdown on some of my favorite features:

  • 5.0 cu. ft. Capacity – It’s big, ya’ll. The giant tub size actually fit about 2 1/2 times the load size of my previous washer. This alone has dramatically cut the time I spend washing clothes.
  • Diamond Drum Interior – The smooth diamond-shaped ridges are supposed to be gentler on your clothes while still cleaning efficiently. The idea is that this design will extend the life of your clothing by treating it with respect. I’ll get back to you in about five years to tell you if that’s true, but in the meantime, look… pretty!


WA8600 diamond drum


  • Integrated Touch Controls – The touch controls are built into the lid. This results in a sleeker look and more flat surface area for folding clothes. It’s also far out of the reach of little kids’ hands.


flat surface


  • Activewash™ – It has a built in sink! I’m not kidding. Right there, under the topmost part of the lid, is a sink with washboard ridges and it’s own water jet. It’s perfect for hand washing and pretreating tough stains. When you’re done, lift the sink and it empties right into the washer.





empty sink


  • Vibration Reduction Technology – Not everyone has a big ole’ basement for their washer and dryer. It’s common now to have a laundry room right off of your living space. Not only do the integrated touch controls keep the machines looking modern and sleek, but the vibration reduction technology keeps them from being obtrusive sound-wise. This washer gives off the most delicate little hum. So if you’re baby is sleeping… or you just want to Netflix and chill without the volume on 100, you’re all set!


  • Options Options Options – Want to wash waterproof sleeping bags? There’s a cycle for that. Comforters? Delicates? No problem. There is even a “super speed” option for that load you need in a hurry! The dryer also has a smorgasbord of fabric care options and three additional steam cycles for “refreshing”, taking away wrinkles, or sanitizing.


  • Smart Care – No need to call a technician if something goes wrong. Just download the Smart Care app and use your smartphone to troubleshoot when you need it. The washing machine will run a diagnostics test if it encounters a problem and give you a corresponding code. The app will scan the code with your phone and let you know exactly what the problem is.


So far my experience with these machines has been overwhelmingly positive. My dirty laundry continues to multiply like gremlins, but now I can wash it all twice as fast. Folding and putting it away is a different story… but if a clean pile sits around too long and gets wrinkled, I just throw it into the dryer on the “wrinkle away” steam setting – a setting that has quickly become my BFF.


Things to consider about the particular model I have:

  1. The top loader has a large and deep washing drum.  I’m 5’9″ and able to reach all the way down into it to gather wet clothes, but if you’re under 5’3″ or so in height, you may need a stool… or an awesome front loader. 😉
  2. It’s beautiful, but not cheap. The washer (WA50K8600 model) in black stainless steel retails at $1099, but they also have 4.5 cu. ft. capacity model in white for $899.
  3. Stainless steel scratches easily. Go for another finish option if your young kids will have a lot of access, or if tiny scratches just drive you batty.


There are so many more little things I want to tell you about these sweet additions to our home. Make sure to follow my Facebook page for some fun short videos I’ll be posting over the next few months that will highlight some individual features.

Special thanks again to Samsung for inviting me to share these machines with you. I look forward to giving them even more of a workout. Wait – did I just (in a round about way) say I’m looking forward to doing laundry?




2 responses to “Samsung Activewash with Integrated Touch Controls – For the Gremlin of Household Chores”

  1. Mariah Klee says:

    Chores are the worst! Laundry is crazy around here with 2 kids under 2, but looks like Samsung may have the answer to all that ridiculous laundry! Love the color of these guys, too!

  2. Tara Kamiya says:

    That machine is gorgeous!

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