Saturday, Sunday, Share day – Sad feet made happy.

It was just me and my sad feet sitting around one day.


Then I heard the doorbell ring, and the postman handed me a lovely gift.

Leah Segedie (@bookieboo), over at had some Earth Footwear shoes sent over to me.


The pair wasn’t really my style, but what girl can resist putting her feet in shoes when they show up at her door?


That “comfort footbed with multi-density latex cushioning” was a comfortable surprise, and I think I actually heard my feet let out a happy sigh.

The shoes quickly became my style.

We took baby for a walk to the grocery store.

Who doesn't need a little cereal and cheese free pizza now and then?


We played in the grass.


We swung.


We climbed.



My sad feet were happy…

and comfortable…

and sparkly…

and ready for a nap.



Thank you, Earth Footwear – for your commitment to the earth, to wellness, and to sad feet everywhere.


2 responses to “Saturday, Sunday, Share day – Sad feet made happy.”

  1. Lady Jennie says:

    Adorable pictures. And those sandals would become my style too very fast. I was once given a beaded Fendi bag for my wedding and (clueless as I am) thought that the”native american” look was not really my style. I was living in Manhattan at the time and when I walked into my living room all the fashionistas yippee-yupped and suddenly the purse seemed to fit my very core.

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