Scar Stories.

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I hear people say that scars are like tattoos… but with better stories.

While I believe that is true, I also know that many people would prefer not to have that physical reminder. Some people wear their scars like badges… others have assimilated theirs out of necessity… and some would erase them if they could. For some, the story itself is enough.

A few weeks ago, I partnered with Scarology and put a call out to my community looking for people who wanted to diminish the look of their scars and share their #ScarStory. The response was amazing. Some were stories of bringing life into the world… Some were prime examples of how the Universe can be a jokester…

and some were stories of trauma or violence.

They were all reminders to me about our bodies’ instinct to survive – to heal.

The three winners that were picked to receive three months worth of Scar treatment all have different types of scars. One has a large scar from surgery that is under a year old. Another is a young child. The third has scars that have formed keloids, which can be common with darker skin.

Here are their scar stories.


Deborah Cruz:



“This is the scar I received from my broken tibia, shattered fibula and dislocated ankle that I sustained while walking to the car in flip flops after taking wedding photos for my sisters wedding. No alcohol was involved in this accident 🙂

This is after two surgeries , 2 plates, many pins and 2 giant screws. I was non weight bearing for 12 weeks and finally got out of the boot the middle of January. I’ve been in physical therapy for 3 months and receiving graston therapy to break up the scar tissue BUT it still looks pretty hideous because of swelling and the thickness of the scar tissue on the incision. Winning this treatment would mean everything to me, especially since my scar is in such a visible spot.”


Mari Paap on behalf of her daughter Rowan:

Rowan dog bite


“I’m a single mom who is fortunate to have a family that helps take care of my beautiful daughter. I was having coffee with a friend on 10/8/15 and she brought her daughter over to play… and her medium size Samoyed mix. I had met him plenty of times before, and he was never aggressive. Everyone was having a nice time, until my friend went into the kitchen. She asked for some help and I stepped out of the room to talk to her. The children and the dog could still see my back in the doorway. I don’t know exactly what happened while I wasn’t watching, a fact that will probably haunt me forever.
All I remember is hearing him snarl, and hearing her scream. When I turned around he was on top of her, and there was blood all over her face. His owner picked him up and threw him as far as she could, and sped us to the emergency room in her car. After that he went into quarantine at Animal Control, and I don’t know what happened to him after that.
As for Rowan, she was SO brave. She ended up with 28 stitches in 8 different places, plus some glued spots. Today she is able to talk about it, and even has a sense of humor about it. She’s come a long way from the fear and nightmares that plagued her at first, and her face has healed a lot too. Hopefully this treatment will fade her scars enough that they’re not always the first thing people ask about. She deserves so much more than that. She sure is a special kid.”


Hannah MA’J Sutton:


“My name is Hannah and I’m from
Jackson, Mississippi. In 2008, I was living with my grandmother (now deceased), and my 17 year old cousin (also now deceased).

He involved himself with several gangs, and played a part in dealing illegal substances as a corner boy. He would come home late some nights, high as a kite and completely disoriented. After a while he wouldn’t come home at all.

One morning I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t go to school. Around this time, my cousin hadn’t been home in two weeks. I was coming downstairs to fix me something to eat, when he stormed inside the house in a rage. He walked right by me into the kitchen and starting scrambling through the knife drawer, mumbling under his breath.

He began to stab me, slash me, and cut me numerous times. He kept screaming about a drug deal gone bad and about it being a set up and being my fault. He then threw me out of the house where I landed on the front lawn, and neighbors came to my aid. I fell out of consciousness. I was fourteen years old.

These scars are a constant reminder of what happened, and it ruined my self-esteem growing up. People would stare and point at me. It would be such a blessing to clear these scars. That is my #ScarStory.”


I cannot thank everyone enough for sharing their stories with me.

A special thanks to Scarology who will graciously supply these three people with three months worth of treatment.



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