8 Line Challenge – misplaced hair.

The prompt is misplaced hair over in the 8 Line Challenge corner. Who took the challenge this time around? You probably know them.  You probably love them. It’s Missy Bedell, known also as Literal Mom, and Jen Mitchell who writes at Buried With Children. *DING*   Dear Misplace Hair. I know […]

8 Line Challenge – droplets.

My pubic bone was split and left with an 8mm gap. I began writing in only 8 lines for a month. The 8 Line Challenge was born. It’s time for another one. Boom.   The prompt was – droplets. Here are my guests: Danielle Aubenque is an ex-theatrical, a poet, and […]

8 Line Challenge – uphill.

It’s the 8th of the month, folks – so time to honor my split pubic bone with the 8 Line Challenge. Our challengers today are Christine who writes over at Love, Life, Surf, and Julie who writes at Zero to 140.6. Here’s some interesting stuff about them: Christine was a […]

8 Line Challenge – restructured.

Today was supposed to be an 8 Line Challenge guest post.  However, for reasons I cannot tell you, I have no guest today. Not having a guest today has given me time to think about this 8 Line Challenge thing and how I’ve structured it all wrong.  It may have […]

8 line challenge – brought to you by Daddy Runs a Lot.

You know that kid in class who inevitably doesn’t understand the assignment, and then after you look at it again, you realize maybe he understood it after all, is really a genius and just found it too limiting? Ladies and gentlemen I present to you John Batzer of The Adventures of […]