Six On You

  “The six year old is awake” you proclaim as you strut the robes of full fledged kid-dom. Six on you looks like full length movies and an 8 o’clock bedtime… and an imagination that fills the nighttime dark. Six still means holes in every pair of pants you own… paint […]

Some of This May Not Be Accurate

  This is courtesy of my five year old. Some of this may not be accurate. I’ll let you guess which parts.                  

When I’m A Grown Up There Won’t Be Homework

  Five year old:  (sighing deeper into his booster seat)  I can’t wait ’til I’m a grown up, then I won’t have to do homework and I can eat popsicles any time I want. Me:  Aw, honey.  Being a kid is awesome.  Trust me.  I know homework feels weird right […]

No One Warned Me About Preschool Graduation.

  My firstborn just graduated from preschool, and none of you people out there warned me about what that would do to my heart. Below is a video I did about it. I won’t be publishing all the videos I do in this space – this blog and my YouTube […]

Five On You

  Five on you looks like holes in the knees of every pair of pants you wear – hands on, knees on, down and dirty with life. It looks like a boy’s face, with a baby’s eyes – wonder, mischief, soaking it all in. Five looks tall and strong… and […]