When I’m A Grown Up There Won’t Be Homework

  Five year old:  (sighing deeper into his booster seat)  I can’t wait ’til I’m a grown up, then I won’t have to do homework and I can eat popsicles any time I want. Me:  Aw, honey.  Being a kid is awesome.  Trust me.  I know homework feels weird right […]

No One Warned Me About Preschool Graduation.

  My firstborn just graduated from preschool, and none of you people out there warned me about what that would do to my heart. Below is a video I did about it. I won’t be publishing all the videos I do in this space – this blog and my YouTube […]

Five On You

  Five on you looks like holes in the knees of every pair of pants you wear – hands on, knees on, down and dirty with life. It looks like a boy’s face, with a baby’s eyes – wonder, mischief, soaking it all in. Five looks tall and strong… and […]

Fervent Trusting Love.

  There is a baseball cap that hasn’t left his head since we got it a week ago. There is a baseball cap… a little league cap… that goes with him to pre-school… to the park… to bed with him. There is a mitt that he examines.  He studies it. […]

I never thought he would feel that being born a boy was a limitation.

    I wanted my first child to be girl.  The feminist in me very much needed a little girl to breathe fire into.  I could’t wait to teach her that she could be anything she wanted to be.  I knew I would fight with all I had to make […]