Nipple Shower Dance (8 lines)

* A month of 8 lines in honor of this post >> 8 mm *****   Dodge the water needles. Dodge them for the love of God. Soap and splash rinse… Shimmy to the left. Half turn to the right. Make boob umbrellas with my hands. This is how postpartum […]

Frankenpussy (8 lines)

* 8 lines because of this post >> 8 mm *****   Frankenpussy, Frankenpussy – So misunderstood. You’ve been stretched. You’ve been ripped apart, Cut and stitched together. You’re marred with badges of honor, And stronger than any monster I know. PS- You need a haircut.

Texas Ranger (8 lines).

* 8 lines for a month. Why? Read this >> 8 mm   I brought you home from the hospital. I hold you, fully with both hands. At this moment you are essential to me. The first thing I reach for… I reach for you, grip you, need you, hate […]

8 mm

Our son, “Meatball” was born a little over 8 pounds. My vagina bears the badge of 8 stitches. The separation between the two halves of my pubic bone is 8mm wide. That doesn’t sound like a lot to me, but the nurse said it was pretty substantial… and a bigger […]

One week postpartum – things I’ve learned while on drugs

Where have I been? Well, after pushing a baby out of my vagina without any medication, I learned that I did indeed split my pubic bone again.  So, since then, I’ve been recuperating in the craziest, most stressful house known to man.  But with all big trials comes great knowledge. […]