40 years

  40 years of treading. A few years of digging in.     40 years of support. 27 years of pirouetting. 6 years of swaying and rocking.     40 years of participating… of caressing, gripping, and letting go.     40 years of reaching and pulling. 7 years of jiggling. […]

Six On You

  “The six year old is awake” you proclaim as you strut the robes of full fledged kid-dom. Six on you looks like full length movies and an 8 o’clock bedtime… and an imagination that fills the nighttime dark. Six still means holes in every pair of pants you own… paint […]

Five On You

  Five on you looks like holes in the knees of every pair of pants you wear – hands on, knees on, down and dirty with life. It looks like a boy’s face, with a baby’s eyes – wonder, mischief, soaking it all in. Five looks tall and strong… and […]

Did my birthday happen?

  Monday was my birthday and I’m not sure if it even happened. We just moved into our new home several days ago, both of my boys got sick, ended up at the ER with ear infections, and after four nights of the baby not sleeping, I’m not sure I […]

Probiotics and fiber – because my in-laws are coming.

Hot Father and Hot Mother in-law are coming into town for Bam Bam’s fourth birthday this weekend.  They are the awesomest in-laws a lady could ask for, but do you remember that other time they were in town when my insides rebelled?  Despite the fact that Hot Nerd did the […]