Voices Of The Year – That time I said stuff in front of lots of people.

I made it to the little meeting room exactly one minute late.  I had tried my best to actually be early – but my swollen, pregnant feet would only carry me across the convention center so fast, and my squished bladder needed to be emptied once along the way.  I […]

BlogHer ’11 withdrawal — very real, very serious.

Since returning from San Diego, and the BlogHer ’11 convention, I’m struggling to function. I found myself walking in circles this morning in my living room, looking for the pavilion that would have breakfast waiting for me.  I never found it. I’m sad… because I know there were hundreds of people I […]

There’s no food on my face… it’s my Uncommon phone case.

At the BlogHer ’11 convention this weekend, I noticed some people staring at me.  One woman stared at me while we were waiting for a session to start.  Another woman stared at me from across one of the tables at lunch.  These were women I said hello to… and made […]

We can be on a break, but we are NOT breaking up.

I’m starting to learn a lot about you. A lot of you are parents… but not all. Most of you are college educated. Very few of you are actually people I know in real life. Out of every 100 of you that read, an average of 5 leave a comment. […]

Very honored. Very pregnant. Very terrified.

I have not been shy about sharing my anxiety and social awkwardness with all of you.  I was not always this way, but things have happened in my life that have dramatically changed the way I approach the world. My anxiety has been my shadow for the last eight years […]