The 4th Trimester Bodies Project, and The Censoring of Unsavory Mothers’ Bodies.

  Sometimes I love the Internet because I can randomly come across something like The 4th Trimester Bodies Project and instantly fall in love…   This is taken from their website: The  4th Trimester Bodies Project is an ongoing photo documentary created by photographer and mother Ashlee Wells Jackson. This […]

It’s Possible That Breastfeeding Is Like Gay People Kissing On Days Of Our Lives.

  I have a confession to make: I’m a housewife and I watch Days of our Lives. I also have another confession to make: Seeing two guys kiss kind of makes me uncomfortable.     My favorite daytime Soap now has two homosexual characters that are starting to make out […]

Bittersweet Amazingness. (The ghost of PPD)

  His deep trusting eyes look up at me, and he grins the slightest grin.  He nurses in silly happiness at my breast while I caress his foot.  This is our moment.  This is our moment of relaxation in the midst of our chaotic life.  This is our moment of […]

We Need A Reality Show About People Who Don’t Take Apart The Oreo.

  What we need is a reality show about people who don’t take apart the Oreo before they eat it.  I know some people who don’t do it – not even a little piece.  They are not tempted in any way to lick the creamy insides.  I’d like to hear […]

Kicked. (Last of the 8 lines)

* Last of the 8 line posts spurred by this one >> 8 mm. ***** Love affair with Texas Ranger = kicked. Dependence on boob umbrellas = kicked (Can we say like leather?). Ingestion of multiple pain pills = kicked. Preoccupation with the FrankenPussy = kicked… well maybe one last […]