Moms of young infants should not drive.

  My latest mail looks like this:   Red means stop.  I know this, I promise you.  This is also my first moving violation ever, in my entire life.  The only thing I have to say for myself is that I wasn’t paying attention – which probably is not a […]

Best 15 minutes in a long time.

I sat there in my parked car in the garage for a few minutes.  There was no three year old asking endless questions.  There was no wailing baby in the backseat.  There was no husband grilling me on which way was North, which way was South, and how much of […]

This colic too shall pass…

We’ve just passed the four month mark. It’s as if the Gods smiled down on us and said “Let the colic pass.” Knock on wood. The biggest piece of wood I can find… Like a Sequoia.    

Hello Depression. 1, 2, 3, down they go.

The clock struck midnight and we didn’t even know it. A new year was starting as we stood, teary-eyed and paralyzed. He said he would leave me if I didn’t get help. For a moment, I didn’t care either way. *** The darkness had become too much. The anxiety… The […]

Shopping Cart Roller Derby

I white knuckled the handle.  He could tell I was slowing down.  I knew he could sense it. The anxiety was making me sweat.  I wanted desperately to speed up.  My internal speedometer told me I was going about 4 miles an hour… not good enough… I had to pick […]