I Want You To Be Happy

  I’ve missed you. This space has been quite for over a week now. Don’t worry, I’ll have many thoughts and stories to share with you soon… But most of all, I just want you know how much I love having you guys visit.  You never know what you’re going […]

There Was Always Someone Else To Take Care Of

  11:45 pm on a Sunday:  I awake suddenly from sleep with my heart racing.  I nudge my husband awake and whisper “something’s wrong”.  My teeth begin to chatter incessantly, and by brain becomes hotter and hotter until it feels like it’s on fire.  I try to communicate to my […]

Magical Everything Soup

  Since publishing my last post, the amount of love and support from a lot of you has been overwhelming in the best possible way. Your emails, your DMs on Twitter, your PMs on Facebook, your public comments in this space, and your texts… they have all meant more than […]

The Happiest Depressed Person on the Block

    Depression is a liar.  It lies to you… and it lies to me. Depression likes to hide, and those of us that struggle with it often help it to do so. Depression is its’ trickiest when no one sees it. “You’re the funniest person I know!” “You’re so […]

Lipstick Days.

  I found it rolling around in my makeup drawer, clearly forgotten – at least two years old.  I turned it over and read the label at the bottom.  “Smitten” was the color. I don’t wear lipstick.  I never really have.  I could never handle the pressure of having to […]