Goodbye 2013 – Ten Favorite Posts of the Year

  It’s time to say goodbye to 2013… and although this year and I have had some good times, I’m completely fine about cutting ties and not even bothering to pretend to be friends anymore.  This year has been hard – which Im hoping means I’ve learned a lot and […]

Mommy Nani Booboo’s personal 2012 in a nutshell – without the nut… or shell.

  2012 started with a pitiful bang for me as I was lost in motherhood, and struggling with depression. The intense colic of my second born had me spinning in circles, and unwillingly participating in shopping cart roller derbys. The new home we had moved into turned out to be […]

Things my online personality is not sharing with you.

  When it comes to my humanity, I am frighteningly honest with you guys.  The keyboard somehow gives me the strength to share controversial personal choices or tell you of ghosts that haunt me.  I’ve let you in on childhood moments that forever leave their mark. I’m also guilty of […]

Forget the Mommy Wars. A call to arms – greater problems to solve.

Yes, there is much fuss over “Mommy Wars”, and who has it harder – the “stay at home mom”, or the “work outside of the home mom”. If you can’t tell by the abuse of quotation marks in the previous sentence, I think it’s all a bunch of energy wasting, […]

Why I’ll never quit blogging.

It takes a village… not just to raise a child, but to exist… to thrive as a human being. Our techno-lifestyles have reduced our daily physical connections with others.  I never have to see an actual teller at a bank, and half the time I deal with voice automation on […]