Love Is The Least Worthy Of Shame

  I’ve given you my priceless opinion before about changing Facebook avatars for a cause.  For the most part, it does little in terms of action or funds for whatever the cause of the month actually is.  I’ve been vocal about not participating in these avatar changes because it feels […]

To the Boy Scouts of America, On Behalf Of A Scouting Family.

  This letter is being re-published here with the permission of Patrick Goodnow.     Email sent to the National Board of the BSA:   I was a registered scout from the age of 8 through 18 as were both my younger and older brothers. All three of us […]

It’s Possible That Breastfeeding Is Like Gay People Kissing On Days Of Our Lives.

  I have a confession to make: I’m a housewife and I watch Days of our Lives. I also have another confession to make: Seeing two guys kiss kind of makes me uncomfortable.     My favorite daytime Soap now has two homosexual characters that are starting to make out […]