Thank You For Being There, Keyword Data

          Things are amiss in the land of the Internet. Apparently, Google will be keeping keyword search data from showing up in my blog’s analytics – okay, and in yours too.  Yes folks, we’re talking secure encryption. Marketers all over the internet are freaking out. Me? […]

Just cancel everything for Wednesday and be with me on Social Media.

  Tomorrow is Wednesday and you should just hang with me on different social media sites to talk about very important things. First, let’s talk about laughter.  Join me live at 11:00am PST/2pm EST on MommyToMommyTV.  MommyToMommyTV is live every Wednesday, and I’ve been asked to co-host this episode called “Funny […]

The altered friendship. Also, weirdos are my muse.

Rocky swung open his front door and inhaled the warm smell of home.  He removed his blue aviator goggles from atop his head and tossed it onto the coat rack.  He loved this time – the time when the sun was kissing the horizon.  The world outside was quieting, and […]

Virtually dizzy.

I was confused. I stared at an article I was reading… This should be shared… The window in the corner kept telling me that people were re-tweeting me, @ mentioning me, and I had 3 DM’s. My mind drifted… Then the whispers started… “It’s a good read.” “Post it on the microblog.” […]

Summer Lovin’ – Because I didn’t want Google to disappoint.

    She looked over at him and giggled slightly. His face crunched as he dipped his toes in the cool lake water. Their families had been coming here every summer since they were both ten.  Though they lived in separate towns, they had summered together for half a decade.  […]