Black Coffee. Black Kids. Gray Matter.

  *The following is a guest post from my husband, Hot Nerd – who I think should write here more often.     Black Coffee I almost never go to Starbucks.  That’s the real scoop here…  But that day we ran out of coffee and J told me it was […]

I Remember…

  Every year on this date, this post is deleted from my archives and reposted in it’s new form.  It is tweaked… added to… It grows as we do.   I remember your curly hair peeking out from your hat the first time I saw you. I remember dancing on […]

Friday Finds – Mystery ‘Misconnection’ writer, hot nerds, and Steve Carell rocks

    Holy links, Batman.  This week was full of weird and awesome links, as well as so much video goodness.  All internet stuff today, folks.  Enjoy.   Link Finds: If you haven’t read the poignant Craigslist “Misconnection” personal ad that’s gone viral, you can read it here.   The Village […]

That Time. All The Time.

  No Friday Finds today.  Instead, this: *** Those times you held me as I brought them into the world Those times you Eskimo kissed Those times you bounced and walked for hours   That time you sat clothed in the bathtub with him wailing That time you showed him […]

The Anniversary Not Uncelebrated

  Every year around this time I celebrate a sort of anniversary.  On the 29th of May many years ago, I suffered a traumatizing and life changing experience.  Each year since then, I have celebrated being alive somehow by going to amusement parks, spas, or anything that makes me feel […]