I Remember…

  Every year on this date, this post is deleted from my archives and reposted in it’s new form.  It is tweaked… added to… It grows as we do.   I remember your curly hair peeking out from your hat the first time I saw you. I remember dancing on […]

The Not-Quite-Fetish I Found While Dusting

  “Stupid, effing, Southern California dryness.” I curse the climate through gritted teeth as I dust my husband’s nightstand for the second time in a week.  The lack of humidity keeps my hair nice, but covers everything in my house with a thin layer of constant dust.  I pass the […]

Let’s Bicker About How We Bicker And Then Let It Go.

  Sometimes, when we are driving on a short road trip to Los Angeles and back, and the baby is napping in his carseat while the four year old has headphones on watching a movie – sometimes, there is nothing for us grown-ups to do in the car but bicker. […]

Keeping the sexy alive in your relationship.

    Over on my You Tube channel – Mommy Nani Booboo Tube, I often answer questions from either you guys, or the Mom Pulse community.  Mom Pulse is a new You Tube network that I am a part of.  If you’re a mother who is interested in producing video […]

Invisible Husband

  I blame the Republican National Convention.