If I Let Him Wear This Will I “Turn” Him?

  Impromptu video before heading into Target with my toddler.  He insisted on wearing this… I try not to impose stereotypes on my kids when they are this young, so I let him wear it.        

Helpless and Trapped.

  I hear the vibrations of my phone across the room. I stare at it… paralyzed… unable to move. Someone is calling me.  Someone is checking to see if I’m alright. I am not. I’m a prisoner. I am a looseleaf pinned under a paperweight. My lips are cracked from […]

Sounds – Also, little people shouldn’t break bones.

  The sounds… the sounds are still haunting me as I fight my way through this exhaustion. As I cradle you, and make silly faces, and marvel at your resilience… they poke out from my memory and steal our brief moment of normalcy. They push my own anxious sighs out […]

Moment In The Sun

  My 4 days away at a Women In Video workshop and the Mom 2.0 Summit had left me inspired and focused.  Lisa Ling, Amanda Peet, Shot@Life, Dove, the team at HLN – Raising America, and all my fellow bloggers made for a weekend I’ll never forget.  Connecting, growing our […]

If my phlegm doesn’t kill me, my spotty reception will.

  When I am on the phone, the last thing I want to do is have someone on the other end hear me pee in the bathroom.  However, because I had been transferred and on hold for fifteen minutes – I had to chance it.  Apparently, self-diagnosed bronchitis makes you […]