Thoughts on Body Judgement and Body Shaming. AKA – I Fell Down the Rabitt Hole of HuffPo Comments

  Last week a post I published here called Don’t Make the Thin Girl Ugly was republished on the Huffington Post.  I knew when I wrote the post that some people wouldn’t understand where I was coming from.  I knew that I could potentially be putting myself in the path […]

An Ode To Victoria’s Secret

  Oh, Victoria… You really do know my secret.   You know what I like to wear when I curl up with a good book…       and the way I pack too much in my suitcases and have to smash them closed by sitting on them.     […]

TIME shmime.

People keep asking me what I think about the latest TIME magazine cover.  I swore I wasn’t going to write anything on my blog, but I’m afraid if I don’t put it down in words, I won’t be able to let it go… and I’m already tired of it.  It […]