I Need Someone to Dress Me

  I can barely work a shower into my schedule nowadays… so it’s helpful to have someone to dress me. I finally gave Stitch Fix a try – the service that gives you a personal stylist and sends outfits for you to try on at home. Now I need you guys […]

Sleep is a Ruse

    For a myriad of reasons, I have only been able to get about two or three hours of sleep a night for the past three weeks. Turns out I don’t really need it. Watch below. I don’t post all of my videos on this site, so if you want […]

A Different Kind of “Bringing Home Baby” Book

  My firstborn came into the world after 17 hours of labor. He weighed over 9 pounds.  My second son was born naturally at 39 weeks and after 6 hours of labor. He was well over 8 lbs. We fought through jaundice and colic with both babies… my second son […]

Random Things I Probably Forgot to Tell YouAbout

Here are some random things that are going on with me.  I may or may not have told you about them on one of my other social media platforms… but because I have yet to find an app that organizes the files in my brain – I really can’t be […]

Six On You

  “The six year old is awake” you proclaim as you strut the robes of full fledged kid-dom. Six on you looks like full length movies and an 8 o’clock bedtime… and an imagination that fills the nighttime dark. Six still means holes in every pair of pants you own… paint […]