Mean Girls

      Can’t we all just get along?    

Some Scary Things.

    I’ve run into two things recently that have scared the bejeezus out of me.   I witnessed a ghosty-looking-reflection thing in my television…       and I found this hiding in my closet:         Happy Halloween everybody.              

This picture makes me ache with goodness.

  I’m not really a “post a picture” kind of blog, but…   Oh My God Look           Sometimes I forget how lucky I am.      

It’s like I’m the chosen one. Also, the best baby carrot ever.

Remember a long time ago when I was complaining about the lucky people who get to see outlines of Jesus in their tree stumps, or Mary in their burnt toast? Then, I found that magnificent thing in my potato bag. Well clearly I’ve been chosen for something special, because yesterday […]

The Yawn

I’m almost like Edvard Munch, but sleepier.