PPD – Don’t Wait As Long As I Did

  I am honored to be a part of the editorial team at Postpartum Progress – one of the leading sites for support and information on perinatal mood disorders. As part of the Warrior Mom Leadership Team, I get a chance to make a difference to a mother who may […]

Lipstick Days.

  I found it rolling around in my makeup drawer, clearly forgotten – at least two years old.  I turned it over and read the label at the bottom.  “Smitten” was the color. I don’t wear lipstick.  I never really have.  I could never handle the pressure of having to […]

Mommy Nani Booboo’s personal 2012 in a nutshell – without the nut… or shell.

  2012 started with a pitiful bang for me as I was lost in motherhood, and struggling with depression. The intense colic of my second born had me spinning in circles, and unwillingly participating in shopping cart roller derbys. The new home we had moved into turned out to be […]

Postpartum Psychosis – Shedding light on the demon.

  My eyes shot open. There it was again… the rustling… the breathing… the scurrying. I scanned what I could of the dark room, and glanced at my sleeping husband next to me.  Should I wake him?  He could not help.  He would not understand.  It was up to me. […]

Hello Depression. 1, 2, 3, down they go.

The clock struck midnight and we didn’t even know it. A new year was starting as we stood, teary-eyed and paralyzed. He said he would leave me if I didn’t get help. For a moment, I didn’t care either way. *** The darkness had become too much. The anxiety… The […]