I Went on a Trip and Didn’t Miss My Family

  Last week I was at a blogging conference in San Jose for four days and I didn’t miss my family. I talked to my kids over Facetime, and texted my husband every now and then… but I did not physically miss their presence, and I am okay with knowing […]

Alone In a Car With a Song

  I run my fingers through my freshly cut hair as I drive 60 mph down the highway.  I catch the scent of whatever shiny goodness my hairdresser has run through my strands and smile.  A song comes on the radio and I can feel something rising in me… begging […]

I Hate It When She’s Right.

  A lot of times, by the end of the day, I am just so tired of my kids. Really?  They’re still so little and cute.  Neither of them are over five… I mean, don’t get tired of them yet – they’ll be around for a long time.  Besides, you […]

Lipstick Days.

  I found it rolling around in my makeup drawer, clearly forgotten – at least two years old.  I turned it over and read the label at the bottom.  “Smitten” was the color. I don’t wear lipstick.  I never really have.  I could never handle the pressure of having to […]

Flat Brain Goo.

    Have you ever had your brain turn to goo? I have. It is right now. I am stream-of-conscious-typing this right now after staring at my screen for twenty full minutes.  It was like those 3D pictures from the 90’s where if you stare long enough and let your […]