The Not-Quite-Fetish I Found While Dusting

  “Stupid, effing, Southern California dryness.” I curse the climate through gritted teeth as I dust my husband’s nightstand for the second time in a week.  The lack of humidity keeps my hair nice, but covers everything in my house with a thin layer of constant dust.  I pass the […]

Keeping the sexy alive in your relationship.

    Over on my You Tube channel – Mommy Nani Booboo Tube, I often answer questions from either you guys, or the Mom Pulse community.  Mom Pulse is a new You Tube network that I am a part of.  If you’re a mother who is interested in producing video […]

Make up sex – maybe.

Hot Nerd:  (with a twinkle in his eye) Let’s go upstairs. Me: (steely) And what do you think is going to happen upstairs? Hot Nerd:  Um… I’m… I’m going to apologize. Me:  Yes. You probably are.   I thought maybe I had gotten through to him.  Perhaps it dawned on him […]

With the not noticing.

Hot Nerd:  (stroking my hair in bed) Oh, look at that! You got something sparkly in your ear. Me:  (touching the stud earrings I was wearing) Um… yeah.  (listening to the monitor from our older son’s room) I bought these with that gift card my mom got me for my […]

Grown women should not have to pee their pants. Also, orgasms rule.

Welcome to the season of giving… of giving germs back and forth… of sharing colds, and the giving of viruses. I am sick, ya’ll. I’ve also been blessed with the ability to birth giant babies. Henceforth, I pee every time I cough or sneeze. I’ve already changed my undies three […]