You Should’ve Known Better

    Dear people of the entire world, If you’re a woman, please don’t take private nude photos of yourself and store them in what you are led to believe is a secure location. It doesn’t matter if they’re for your lover who is far away, or if you’re just […]

Random Things I Probably Forgot to Tell YouAbout

Here are some random things that are going on with me.  I may or may not have told you about them on one of my other social media platforms… but because I have yet to find an app that organizes the files in my brain – I really can’t be […]

Rape… and Assimilation

Trigger warning: The following story may be triggering for survivors of sexual violence. ***** In the dead of night, she was startled out of sleep by the click of her bedroom light being turned on. She opened her eyes, thinking she saw a figure at her door… but the lights went […]

#YesAllWomen – Not Just Hashtag Activism

In the wake of Elliot Rodger’s killing spree on May 23rd in Isla Vista, a twitter hashtag has emerged and continues to grow days later. The hashtag is #YesAllWomen, and a clear response to Rodger’s sense of sexual entitlement to women in the YouTube video he made a day before […]

Healing, the Love It Show, and 2011

  Let’s step into a time machine and come out on the other side in 2011 to the sounds of Justin Timberlake… and the stomp of about 40 pairs of feet dancing on a fitness center floor. That’s where I spent a lot of my time in 2010 and 2011 […]