Zen and the Art Of Paralyzed Shih Tzu Maintenance

“Lucy has had major back surgery.  It is imperative that her movement is restricted.  Keep her confined.  Make sure she does not twist, pull her back, or slip in any way.” ***** Three physical therapy sessions a day of doggie bicycles and such are not really a problem.  It’s the […]

THE LIFE (wordless wednesday).

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With a face like that…

Dear 2009,

Dear 2009, It seems weird to do this in a letter, but I can’t think of any other way to do it.  I need to tell you that it is over between us.  I think it has been over for a very long time. I was trying to stick it […]

No Price Tag On Little Lives.

Yesterday, we had to rush our little dog Lucy to the hospital. She couldn’t walk all of a sudden and was panting very heavily. Her eyes were terrified and her breathing was so labored, that I seriously thought we could be losing her. It turns out that she has some […]