I Posted a #NoMakeupSelfie – Are You Aware of Cancer?

  I posted a picture of myself online without any make up on and without the use of any filter. Why did I do this?  I did it because it felt scary to me.  There was a nice little cluster of zits on my right cheek, my skin was especially […]

The Selfie – Can You Do Without It?

  The selfie. If you have social media accounts, you’ve probably done it.  If you spend more than a few hours a day on your social media accounts – you’ve probably over done it. I been reading so many scary articles lately on teenagers, social media, sex and selfies.  Teenage […]

Facebook and Guilt Tripping For The “Like”

  It’s Social Media Monday on my YouTube channel again, and we’re talking more about Facebook. I refuse to be  manipulated… and it’s totally stressing me out.        

Let’s Talk About Social Polling

  It’s Social Media Monday over on the YouTube channel. Today I’m talking about social polling… Yea or nay? You know you do it.        

Thank You

    Another blogger posted something on Facebook, and it struck me.  I was busy at the time, and when I went back to try and find the status update, it was lost in a stream of back to school pictures, pets, and the occasional gripe about the weather.  I’m […]