2014 Kia Sorento Review – Road Trippin’ and Driving Vertically

  Our family has been making many weekend trips from Los Angeles to San Francisco over the past few months.  I think it was trip number 50 billion, that we switched things up and tested out a 2014 Kia Sorento instead of taking our own mini van.   Now, the […]

MommyJuice Wines – Now I Won’t Be Lying

  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here when I confess to calling my glass of wine “Mommy’s juice”.  I’ve also called it “Mommy’s cup of sanity”, “relaxing medicine”, and “don’t touch, don’t touch, that’s poison for kids” juice.  I feel safe in assuming that the first is the most […]

Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Play Date – We Needed Some Big Play

  “Mommy, would you like to come play with me?” Not too long ago, my four year old said this sweetly to me as he held up his Lego bin and looked at me expectantly.  I told him I wished I could, but I had to finish some work before […]

I got me some luxury in a box and it’s called a Smart Wand.

  “God, I need to freaking relax!” I looked in the mirror and spit out those words so forcefully at my reflection a couple weeks ago.  My husband was gone on a trip, my preschooler was bouncing off the walls, and my high need baby was screaming in the other […]

School Buses Are Super Magical, Insanely Fun Things On Wheels. (Sponsored)

        My preschooler has never been on a school bus.  Right now, school buses are super magical, insanely fun things on wheels that look like this:     This is the Touch Magic Learning Bus from LeapFrog.  We just call it the Fun Bus. This bus has […]