If I Let Him Wear This Will I “Turn” Him?

  Impromptu video before heading into Target with my toddler.  He insisted on wearing this… I try not to impose stereotypes on my kids when they are this young, so I let him wear it.        

Sometimes There’s Pudding

  I trotted in a speedy haze through the grocery store aisle.  I was there to pick up Vicodin, some milk, and a few things for dinner.  It was already way past my son’s bedtime, and he had since turned into a monkey on acid strapped to a cart who […]

Helpless and Trapped.

  I hear the vibrations of my phone across the room. I stare at it… paralyzed… unable to move. Someone is calling me.  Someone is checking to see if I’m alright. I am not. I’m a prisoner. I am a looseleaf pinned under a paperweight. My lips are cracked from […]

If my phlegm doesn’t kill me, my spotty reception will.

  When I am on the phone, the last thing I want to do is have someone on the other end hear me pee in the bathroom.  However, because I had been transferred and on hold for fifteen minutes – I had to chance it.  Apparently, self-diagnosed bronchitis makes you […]

Toddler brains- fried.

The following post takes place in about a minute and a half.   Sweetheart, do you need more snack?  Would you like a biscuit?  Or raisins?   OOOh, if I put my foot here, and then fold myself in half while winking each eye simultaneously, everything looks really cool.  And […]