I’m Giving Away Some Sparkle

    I want to give you shiny things. Watch below:   Enter using the Rafflecopter below. I’ll be picking a winner from here and a winner from my YouTube channel. You can enter both! a Rafflecopter giveaway

I am the F-Word.

UPDATED – 11/12/2014:  Approximately 24 hours after this post went live, TIME magazine published their ballot for Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015. The word “feminist” is on the ballot… along with buzzwords and internet speak like “obvi” and “yaaaaas”. If there was ever a time that the word “feminist” […]

Dear Jenni is Back!

    My weekly series is finally back up on the YouTube channel. Yes, it’s the return of Dear Jenni – where I answer/make up answers to pretty much whatever it is you want to ask me. I’ve missed doing it… seriously, you guys have the best/weirdest/most thought provoking/grossest questions. […]

Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room

  This post is purely for your entertainment. Five vloggers walk into a hotel room… with a video camera and no plan.   On my BlogHer’14 conference trip to San Jose not too long ago, I got hang out/meet in real life/collab with some of my favorite vloggers. We agreed to meet […]

The OneDay App Will Save Me With My Mother-In-Law

  My mother-in-law is mad at me. I can tell. I’m sure it is because I am slacking on sending her pictures, videos, measurements, whatever… of her beautiful grandchildren.  You see, both sets of grandparents are scattered across the country, and we have no immediate family in the same state […]