Words No Makey From Brain to Keyboard

  There is so much going on right now that the words in my brain seem to be constantly twisted and pulled out my ears and nostrils… only to be roughly handled by a giant bartender with a shaker cup who then pours them down my gullet for me to […]

Dear Jenni – You Asked About Jared Leto and Lions

  I’m introducing a new series on my channel called “Dear Jenni”. You guys are awesome. Here is the debut episode.          

Jenni Chiu Tube – The Blog’s Flip Side

  I left my old YouTube channel behind and I’m afraid I may have lost some of you along the way. So, come check out the new channel trailer… and subscribe to it so you don’t miss the good stuff. It’s this blog’s flip side, and I want you to […]

Useless But Interesting Things About Me.

  In case you may have forgotten who I am… I’ve re-posted this random facts video on my NEW CHANNEL. It is no longer on my old channel.  I have broken up with that channel… though I may still have inappropriate dreams about it every now and then.     […]

I Went to the GRAMMYs, Ya’ll.

    You can also read my GRAMMY Weekend posts over at BlogHer.com here, and here.