Dear Jenni – You Asked About Jared Leto and Lions

  I’m introducing a new series on my channel called “Dear Jenni”. You guys are awesome. Here is the debut episode.          

Jenni Chiu Tube – The Blog’s Flip Side

  I left my old YouTube channel behind and I’m afraid I may have lost some of you along the way. So, come check out the new channel trailer… and subscribe to it so you don’t miss the good stuff. It’s this blog’s flip side, and I want you to […]

Took a Break to Remember

  “Sometimes I wish you would stop with all your blogging, and writing, and videos, so you could focus on your kids. ¬†You’d be less stressed that way.” My mother said those words to me a couple months back… and I’m pretty sure I prickled and spat like a small […]

New Year, New Channel, #365Grateful, and the Word

  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to watch these two videos.     Video ONE – on the old channel:   Video TWO – on the new channel… with the exact same background.    

Introducing: Everybody’s Jenni

  You’re the light of my life. You’re the wind beneath my wings. You’re the sweet and sour sauce to my egg roll. I love you all more than is probably appropriate… and I want you to come and see another side of me. Introducing: EVERYBODY’S JENNI This is my […]