We’re Monkifying.

  The holiday frenzy is upon us, my birthday is in two weeks, and I am in need of knee surgery. To make things more interesting, we have decided to pack up our family and move to a new home.  We live dangerously, and we live hard. Okay… we live […]

Stop judging me as a mother, Me.

    The baby’s cry from the living room had me putting down the plate I was scrubbing and rushing into the other room with dripping hands. “What happened?”  I asked my four year old. “I dunno” he said quietly. “You don’t know?”  I scooped up my teary youngest and […]

Cloud Shapes In My Crapper.

  One of my favorite things to do is find cloud shapes. However, I don’t get out much… So I find them on my bathroom wall. Our bathroom has that plastered “hard trowel” look to it.  You know, like this:     On the rare occasion that I get to […]

Guess why I’m at court.

  Here’s me at court today. No… not tennis… and not to get married.       If you can guess why I’m here… YOU WIN! I don’t know what the prize is. I’m thinking it will be the product of whatever PR email I receive next. Hint: I may […]

The “Ebb and Flow of Blogging” Even Though I’m Possessed and Need Coffee.

  I just stared at the laptop screen in front of me until my eyes lost focus and I saw a 3D image pop out. My fingers are not responding to the keyboard lately, and it’s possible I may never write again. It is also possible I am being hyperbolic… […]