Keeping the sexy alive in your relationship.

    Over on my You Tube channel – Mommy Nani Booboo Tube, I often answer questions from either you guys, or the Mom Pulse community.  Mom Pulse is a new You Tube network that I am a part of.  If you’re a mother who is interested in producing video […]

Young Heidi Klum told me to use my tailbone.

  3:30 am – REM: The man with the fog machine ran past me leaving a trail of white.  I inhaled, and the mist massaged my lungs.  It was a nice three second break before resuming my search for my left shoe.  Which way should I go?  Left?  Right?  Straight […]

The altered friendship. Also, weirdos are my muse.

Rocky swung open his front door and inhaled the warm smell of home.  He removed his blue aviator goggles from atop his head and tossed it onto the coat rack.  He loved this time – the time when the sun was kissing the horizon.  The world outside was quieting, and […]

Stop talking about a Zombie Apocalypse… So I can prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse.

    Zombies are the new vampires… except not as sexy… or sparkly. I usually get burned out quickly on whatever the latest fad or popular fantasy is.  I loved the show True Blood until everyone else loved the show True Blood.  I got burned out on the Twilight saga […]

It’s like I’m the chosen one. Also, the best baby carrot ever.

Remember a long time ago when I was complaining about the lucky people who get to see outlines of Jesus in their tree stumps, or Mary in their burnt toast? Then, I found that magnificent thing in my potato bag. Well clearly I’ve been chosen for something special, because yesterday […]