40 years

  40 years of treading. A few years of digging in.     40 years of support. 27 years of pirouetting. 6 years of swaying and rocking.     40 years of participating… of caressing, gripping, and letting go.     40 years of reaching and pulling. 7 years of jiggling. […]

Rape… and Assimilation

Trigger warning: The following story may be triggering for survivors of sexual violence. ***** In the dead of night, she was startled out of sleep by the click of her bedroom light being turned on. She opened her eyes, thinking she saw a figure at her door… but the lights went […]

Maya Angelou – “Phenomenally”

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This morning poet, activist, memoirist, and true renaissance woman Maya Angelou passed away in her home at the age of 86. This is not an […]

Time Magazine’s ‘Childfree’ Cover – I Am Out Of The Pot

  I have jumped out of the pot.  It was making me dizzy.  Stir all you want. People are asking me what I think about the latest TIME magazine cover.  The one with the gorgeous couple laying on the beach under the words, “The Childfree Life”.     I think […]

An Ode To Victoria’s Secret

  Oh, Victoria… You really do know my secret.   You know what I like to wear when I curl up with a good book…       and the way I pack too much in my suitcases and have to smash them closed by sitting on them.     […]