Time Magazine’s ‘Childfree’ Cover – I Am Out Of The Pot

  I have jumped out of the pot.  It was making me dizzy.  Stir all you want. People are asking me what I think about the latest TIME magazine cover.  The one with the gorgeous couple laying on the beach under the words, “The Childfree Life”.     I think […]

An Ode To Victoria’s Secret

  Oh, Victoria… You really do know my secret.   You know what I like to wear when I curl up with a good book…       and the way I pack too much in my suitcases and have to smash them closed by sitting on them.     […]

Forget the Mommy Wars. A call to arms – greater problems to solve.

Yes, there is much fuss over “Mommy Wars”, and who has it harder – the “stay at home mom”, or the “work outside of the home mom”. If you can’t tell by the abuse of quotation marks in the previous sentence, I think it’s all a bunch of energy wasting, […]

Beautiful, and…

As a girl, my hair was not the color of Barbie’s.  My eyes were not the color of Barbie’s.  My boobs were not… they were just… not.  Moreover, I didn’t walk around on my tip toes all the time. Barbie was everywhere.  My friends had Barbie.  Barbie was on the […]