Introducing… Side Effects of Motherhood

  This space has been a tremendous platform for me – it’s been my root system while allowing me to branch out in so many ways. Sometimes I forget that I started off over five years ago blogging anonymously – not wanting to be seen, but so desperately wanting to […]

Dear Jenni is Back!

    My weekly series is finally back up on the YouTube channel. Yes, it’s the return of Dear Jenni – where I answer/make up answers to pretty much whatever it is you want to ask me. I’ve missed doing it… seriously, you guys have the best/weirdest/most thought provoking/grossest questions. […]

Worth a Share – I love Cheerios and the Best Music Video From a Band You’ve Never Heard Of

    I love one of the latest videos from General Mills and it’s “The Cheerios Effect” series.  Remember the huge uncalled for controversy over their Cheerios commercial starring a multi-racial family? Well, they haven’t backed down for a second, and continue to produce content celebrating today’s “many kinds of families”. […]

Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room

  This post is purely for your entertainment. Five vloggers walk into a hotel room… with a video camera and no plan.   On my BlogHer’14 conference trip to San Jose not too long ago, I got hang out/meet in real life/collab with some of my favorite vloggers. We agreed to meet […]

People of Facebook, Stop Sharing Stolen Content

  If you spend any amount of time on facebook, you’ve probably seen a slew of heartwarming, funny, or entertaining viral videos shared from the James Ellis facebook page.     This fitness trainer is seriously dominating the facebook feeds right now because of all the good video content he’s been […]