Worth a Share – I Can’t Begin to Understand Why This Video Exists

    This is not really a blog post.  I came across this and now my world is topsy turvy and I don’t understand how some things actually exist.  I cannot bear the weight of what I’ve seen myself, so I must share it with you.       I’m […]

Oil Pulling – I Couldn’t Help It

    Why? How? Again – why? I did the ancient Ayurvedic technique-turned-latest-health/beauty trend, oil pulling for two weeks. My very scientific data is below:      

A True Detective Parody and Japanese Baby Metal, Because Why Not?

      Here are a few fun things that the internet has brought into my life this week: Joe McHale and TheSoup did a parody of HBO’s True Detective that is hilarious and full of yes.  I love the show… and what the hell are they saying half of […]

Dear Jenni – You Asked About Jared Leto and Lions

  I’m introducing a new series on my channel called “Dear Jenni”. You guys are awesome. Here is the debut episode.          

Jenni Chiu Tube – The Blog’s Flip Side

  I left my old YouTube channel behind and I’m afraid I may have lost some of you along the way. So, come check out the new channel trailer… and subscribe to it so you don’t miss the good stuff. It’s this blog’s flip side, and I want you to […]