Helpful Humpday and How to Tie a Scarf

Who doesn’t love alliteration?

Who doesn’t love questionably helpful information?

Every Wednesday I’ll be over on my YouTube channel with this:
Helpful Humpday final


I’m attempting to be helpful in some way. Let’s hope it works!

So, join me for life hacks, beauty hacks, new words, how-to videos, and unsolicited advice.

To start it off, here are ten ways to tie a scarf:


One response to “Helpful Humpday and How to Tie a Scarf”

  1. The last bit actually made me chuckle.

    It’s freaking cold around here — so I’ve actually taken to wearing a scarf when I go outside because, well, I don’t have the fat around my neck that I once did. I’ve only ever known the toss, and I commonly get all pissed that it doesn’t stay tied, so, believe it or not, you have taught someone something useful today 🙂

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