It’s Not How Many Subscribers I have

First watch this. I made it with the help of some cool people.

You can read about The Iris Awards here.

Special thanks to these amazing video content creators:

I told them my idea for this video and they went with it. Every. Single. One. Of Them.

Kim Holderness – The Holderness Family

Amy Bellgardt – Mom Spark

Jenny Ingram – Jenny on the Spot

Matt Clarke – Convos with my 2-year-old

Christine Koh – Christine Koh

It’s incredible company to be in.


3 responses to “It’s Not How Many Subscribers I have”

  1. Ashley Sears says:

    Girl, keep on rocking your awesome. You are one of the few vloggers I make sure to watch everytime you are on my feed. No……totally….not….a….stalker….Keep being on you, and good luck!

  2. Julie Cohn says:

    You have always rocked and still rock! Congratulations, the others should be honored to be in the same category as you!

  3. […] I just discovered Jenni Chiu and apparently it’s just in time, because she’s nominated for an award, an Oscar I think?  It’s Not How Many Subscribers I have. […]

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