Speak up and #StopHateDumpTrump

Hey guys.

This is just a little note and big fat reminder that if you are an American citizen, it’s time to decide which America you want to live in.

There are two that are clearly emerging… and one is a helluva lot scarier than the other.

I want the America that believes in Democracy, human rights, equality, and the welfare of ALL it’s people.

I don’t want one that allows fear mongering, racism, and narcissists like Donald Trump to thrive.

A new campaign has been launched called #StopHateDumpTrump.

This is from the campaign’s press release:

A diverse coalition cutting across race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and party affiliation has organized to give voice to Americans calling out Donald Trump for his hate speech, misogyny, Islamaphobia, and racism. A new web site, www.stophatedumptrump.com, will provide a platform for those who do not and will not stand for the continued threats, rhetoric and fear mongering by the Republican Presidential front-runner.

Business leaders, union presidents, writers, activists, intellectuals, celebrities, etc. have come together and¬†pledged to “speak out in every way possible against the politics of hate and exclusion he represents.” You can read their statement of purpose here.



I signed the pledge…

I hope you will go to StopHateDumpTrump.com and do the same.

History has already shown us what happens when people don’t speak up against hate-filled leaders.











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