Ask for Jane – A Story Worth Telling


I’ve always been a believer in the power of stories. Stories connect us… remind us of our humanity… entertain us… and teach us. Stories can open our minds to other perspectives, remind us of humanity’s collective mistakes, or inspire us with tales of history’s heroes.

The past several months in America have been… tumultuous. As we struggle to keep our Democracy in tact and protect the rights of those marginalized, the artists and creators of the country are called to do what they do best – to create. From the comedian, to the painter, to the writer, to the film maker… the zeitgeist of these uncertain times has heavy influence on the stories we tell.

I’m hoping to share some of those stories with you here – to create some of them myself, to elevate others, and to call on you to join the worthy fight when needed.

Abortion rights are under attack in America right now, and today I want to introduce you to a project that needs your help. It is a story begging to be told as a feature film – a true story about a group of fearless women who came together in the late sixties to form something called the Jane Collective. The Jane Collective was a secret organization to help women obtain safe abortions by connecting them with doctors who would provide the service safely at low cost.

The project is called Ask For Jane, and it’s “an inspiring and empowering movie about women coming together to help each other:

‘Because if society isn’t going to help us, we’re just going to do it ourselves.'”

This project has already been written and is in the fundraising stages right now to hopefully begin filming in the summer of 2017.



I can’t wait to see this film made – to see it honor the real life women who risked everything to help other women.

What stories are you going to tell? What stories do want to see told? What stories will you amplify?

For me (and I hope for you too), this is definitely one of them.

Make a difference and contribute here:





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