Grown Ups Rejoice. The Muppets Hit Prime Time This Fall.


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Grown up prime time television is about to get better.

The kids who grew up watching The Muppets are about to be reunited with their favorite characters – and they’ve “grown up” too. This new show airing on ABC in the fall is geared toward an adult audience, and is already generating quite the buzz.

I personally am looking forward to this fresh take. We’ve run the gamut of cartoons for grown ups – it’s time for a little puppet action! This new format is a modern day documentary-style show. It’s The Muppets meets The Office, and it’s a formula I’m liking very much. Watch the trailer below:


This YouTube commenter hit the nail on the head:

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Will Fozzie find true love? Will Piggy and Kermit find their way back to each other? Will the one-on-one interviews with Gonzo humanize him and make us forget he’s an alien?

Set your DVRs and find out.


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