Worth a Share – Violent Femmes, #UnfinishedBusiness, and Postpartum: the Musical


Worth a share


It was a good week for the internet, you guys.

Here are some thing you may have missed or may have seen…

but are definitely worth a share:

Last year the Violent Femmes went to Tazmania to record some tracks for a new EP. In June and July, they will also be touring with the Barenaked Ladies (old people, rejoice)! Take a listen to their first new song in 15 years.


I love brilliance in advertising, and if you haven’t seen one of the latest Geico ads, you should definitely take a look.


Speaking of good ads, HelloFlo has come up with a new mom kit, and made this hilarious and so very true video called Postpartum, the Musical.


National Grammar Day was this past Wednesday, so don’t forget to speak good and stuff...

and some mysterious person (who I am now in love with), bought the domain Loser.com and had it redirect to Kanye West’s Wikipedia page. The internet is grand.

For those of you who need a little reminder about all flash and no substance, watch this lovely piece below:


That’s it for this week’s things that are Worth a Share!



iStock images for the best movie promo ever. #UnfinishedBusiness



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